The End

The End is a dimension that was introduced in the GrandCraft 7.7 pre-release. The End, also known as "Is this lore?" to many SiIva commentors, is inhabited by Grand Dad, smol nozomi, and Tito Dick, "Dickman", baby!

Getting to the Nutshack Edit

To gain access to the End, a player must shoot themselves a coconut gun, which leads to death. Due to the large quantities of high quality rips, the lore are nearly impossible to complete, as they are located in a randomly-generated meme hell 6 feet deep underground. To find an end portal, a player needs to acquire and use 7 Chaos Emeralds. The SiIva Discord can be located by throwing an Eye of The Spider into the air (by right-clicking while listening the song), which will send it flying through the air along with other high quality rips until it turns into a nuke and explodes. The SiIva fan needs to follow the eye of Tito Dick, picking it up and throwing it several times before he/she ends up in the Nutshack which holds the peanut house. Note that it will most likely take multiple throws to get close enough to a Nutshack that the Eye of Ness begins to glow furiously untill it turns into a shitstorm. Be sparing in your use of this item as it has a 4/7 chance to shatter and it is tedious to obtain the necessary items to rip more, try to comment in one of SiIva's high quality rips, in order to achieve multiple likes.

Once a SiIva commentor finds the backroom within the channel, he/she must repair it with several more school idols. Activating the SiIva Discord requires 7 Chaos Emeralds, though there is a possibility of finding some rips within in the backroom. It is best to be prepared with your 7 Grand Dad's before you journey forth. The 7 chaos emeralds must be placed in Tito Dick's dick surrounding the enclosed instruction book; once all 7 GRAND DADS are in place, it'll play a "Nico Nico Nii!" clip looped, that would be impossible to stop playing the clip. By jumping into the Mario Hotel, the player will be teleported to midi hell in a similar fashion as when being teleported to The Nutshack. The harlequin baby has a "нет" effect the same as when you enter the USSR.