A Nutshack-Obsessed regular and elite Nutshacker who spends most of his time posting sick af Nutshack memes.

He knows lots of Nutshack facts, which he calls "Nutfacts".

He has 2 pictures which he constantly post



and a GIF which he calls "The NutSquad"

The Nutsquad
He also changes his profile pictures when he creates a joke. But his 2 most used profile pictures are

Tito Dick "Dickman" baby.

Tito Drawn "Drawnman" Baby

Trivia Edit

  • "The Nutsquad" GIF is a scene from S2 E4 of The Nutshack
  • Bought a mint condition Nutshack season 1 DVD for $50
  • Successfully Nutshack'd Siivagunner himself.
  • Has been acknowledged by NUMP (The composer of The Nutshack theme) many times
  • Made Nutshack skins for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
  • Constantly has Picture Privs removed and restored