Summary Edit

A relatively new member, Podado Peed joined the discord in October of 2016. Ever since, he has been online almost every day - confirming many theories of him having absolutely no fucking life.

Known Rivalry Edit

Peed is a known rival of Twinkie Pie, with them both having each other blocked due to respective spamming in DMs.

Team Voice/Nozomi Alignment Edit

Podado Peed was the first member of the short lived "Team Voice" role. He considers himself high in the Voice's ranks, and roots for Haltmann and The Voice whenever possible.

Trivia Edit

• Podado Peed has no fucking life

• His favourite pokemon is Popplio.

• Despite being only half Welsh, and being born in England, he sexually identifies as a Welsh Citizen.

• He is very best. (Thanks "A Fandom User")