Summary Edit

Oshawott is a character from the Pokémon series of games. Despite having the lowest base stat total of all water starters, Oshawott has been scientifically proven to be the greatest Pokémon ever made, as well as the cutest, and way better than Gardevoir. Fuck Gardevoir.


Bápo's smol depiction of Oshawott

Trivia Edit

  • It is said that any who refuse to hug an Oshawott is destined to die a shit.
  • He is Bápo's favorite Pokémon.
  • Former mod 101mariofreak once called Oshawott "shit-tier", and died soon thereafter in a brutal car accident.
  • LewisMCYoutube once used Oshawott while playing a Pokémon video game.