Heat Man is a member of the SiIvaGunner Discord.

Summary Edit

Heat Man joined the server in late November. He mostly just posts Mega Man shit, makes mildly gay comments, and annoys other members of the Discord. He is also actually a she. This is just like Metroid all over again, holy fucking shit.

Personality Edit

Heat is a huge attention whore and also a regular whore who deep down just wants to be loved. She's honestly really not all that cool, but is even lamer in real life. She, like many of the other members of the chat, loves Bapo, considering him to be like her brother/son (LOL this is some fucked up Oedipus-level shit). She may or may not also be is most definitely a filthy robofucker.

Trivia Edit

  • She was once banned for posting a lewd picture of Heat Man (WARNING: LINK IS NSFW!!!!!!). She only got back into the server after begging Bapo to convince the mods to let her back in.
  • Her favorite SiIvaGunner memes are Snow Halation, Take on Me, GO MY WAY!!, We Are Number One, mm2wood, and Smooth.
  • She hates can tolerate worships the Egg Song.
  • She once spammed the MusicDoggoBot to play Hyadain's "Bubble Man, I'm Bubble Man!" 40+ times. This, in addition to another user spamming the Egg Song in retaliation, is why it only queues one song at a time now.
  • She loves Miraculous Ladybug more than life itself.
  • Her favorite robot masters are actually Flash Man and Bubble Man, although Heat Man is a close third.
  • She also goes by the name Sari Rae.
  • All she wants in life is a Knuckles emote and a Haruka emote. And maybe for a Miraculous song to become a Siiva meme, because that would be cool.
  • She defended peashooterman3.
  • She loves Pbshiver.

Other profile pictures Edit

Heatman by pik ya

Kawaii desu idol profile picture.

989565 - Heat Man Mega Man Yogurt Yogurt(Artist)

The cropped "Lewd Heat" image.


Christmas profile picture.


Alternate profile picture.

Com heatman by lmsr-d5muj8p

Most common profile picture.