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Trivia Edit

  • Fighter_Builder has actually submitted his own high-quality rip, but it didn't get accepted. It can be heard here:
  • Fighter_Builder has a variety of design-related talents, including 3D modeling, programming, level design, sound design, texturing (kinda), etc.
  • Fighter_Builder is addicted to Miitomo, even though nobody uses it anymore except for him and his IRL best friend. He uses this to exchange jokes he can't make anywhere else.
  • Fighter_Builder unironically likes Lazy Town music.
  • Similarly to Bápo Numnum, Fighter_Builder has stated that he has a fetish for "extreme thicc." Unlike Bápo, however, it's not limited to artwork.
  • He used to have an avatar on YouTube that was originally MtH's, but he's changed it since.