A list of emotes on SiIvaGunner Discord

:BAGNER: To tell someone their song is BAGNER

:BEANED:: Green de la Bean beaned joke

:ChadDaddy:: Playstation fan and reboot hero who died for snow halation

:ChipDaRipper:: rapper of Freestyle, drives theater

:CoconutGun:: subject of CG Rap

:ComeOnAndSlam:: Charles Barkley

:Da:: Felix the Cat, changed from :Nyet:

:DickmanBaby:: Phil's uncle in The Nutshack

:doclouis:: Fitness trainer from Punch-Out!!

:doggo:: small dog

:doh:: Homer

:DoukNoukKem:: Good. For. You.

:e_:: e

:egg:: Egg

:ellen:: Ellen The Generous Be Like

:ERIOIOIRE:: Guy who looks like he's made of bricks, but would lose to LAMAJ because he's probably slow as fuck.

:Fleentstones:: Vinesauce Joel on 7 GRAND DAD

:FunnyMoments:: Petor

:gay:: Het

:goodboy:: Bápo Numnum

:GrandDad:: Grand Dad

:ityukiho:: Yukiho from Love Live! School idol project

:LAMAJ:: Guy who's nimble and could totally beat up ERIOIOIRE

:loss:: Simple loss

:mm2wood:: Face of Mega Man 2's Wood Man

:nigra:: OG Mudbone

:NowLookAtThisNet:: Robbie Rotten from LazyTown

:Nyet:: Felix the Cat as seen in that Russian game

:op:: op, one of the only acceptable posts in #op

:OwO:: furry emoticon

:pop:: Popplio, the 728th Pokémon in the National Pokédex and the 7th Pokémon in the Pokédex of its native region, Alola.

:rowl:: Rowlet, the 722nd Pokémon in the National Pokédex and number 1 in the Alolan Pokédex.

:SadNozomy:: Sad Nozomi from Love Live! School idol project

:Sens:: Ness (Sans)

:SiIva:: SiIvaGunner

:smolglenna:: smol Splatoon anemone who's best girl as far as Dead Line is concerned

:SmolNozomi:: smol Nozomi from Love Live! School idol project

:smop:: smol PSY

:snaily:: Snaily Snail from the game Snailiad

:SorryPeter:: Joe Swanson preparing to shoot Peter Griffin for saying the N word

:steamedhams:: Principal Seymour Skinner

:surprisedsoulja:: Soulja Boi in a state of surprise

:thiccboy:: Bápo Numnum

:up-1:: ^

:VoiceHead:: The head of The Voice Inside Your Head

:vrum:: Wheelie Rider Kirby

:vrumpus:: The mascot of Discord imitating Wheelie Rider Kirby

:wotter:: Oshawott, the 7th Pokémon in the Unova Pokédex and 501st nationally.

Discontinued Emotes Edit

:You:: solja

:Waa:: heavy rich rival of Mario

:TitoGrin:: Dick from the Nutshack smilng

:TheScatman:: Scatman John

:SnopDog:: snop

:SmolSiIva:: smol SiIvaGunner

:Twonko:: Twonko

:PlayYan:: Night Walk

:FleentStar:: Fred Flintstone as seen on the title screen of 7 GRAND DAD

:SmolJoke:: smol Mari

:NozoMeme:: Nozomi from Love Live! School idol project

:AAAA:: Loud Nigra

:ninja:: A ninja

:lffnMyB:: LFFN

:Misha:: Singer of the Pokémon Go song (for kids)

:MrRental:: Rental company man, murderer of MrOwn

:naruto:: The titular character of Naruto

:NathanielWelchert:: We are all him

:NicoNii:: Nico from Love Live! School idol project

:Jenny:: A teenage robot

:Johnny:: John Test from Johnny Test

:KotoBomb:: Kotori from Love Live! School idol festival

:haltmann:: President of the Haltmann Works Company

:HonokaMeme:: Honoka from The iDOLM@STER

:GotNutz:: Nutshack Phil

:Reshiraaam:: The favourite Pokémon of Justin Michael Coolidge (Please bring this one back)

:Oboma: A guy who does the Mambo

:CG: initials of the CG Rap

:net:: A net that was discovered by Robbie Rotten

:nintendab:: Splatoon dab