Banan is a misspelled version of 'Banana'. The dead meme, resurrected by YourBirthCertificate, has sparked controversy in the general and generalimages channels.

The mockup 'Beaned' picture, made by YourBirthCertificate.

Banan's humble beginnings on Discord Edit

Banan was first seen as the profile picture of YourBirthCertificate. Why? Because he found it funny to use an dead meme. When he first entered the server, Siivagunner himself was online. Siiva noticed it and quoted the line used by one of the original posters from 2013.

Popularity Edit

Banan became more popular (although YourBirthCertificate thinks this, its more of a small group recognizes the meme), when YBC mocked the Beaned picture. Several people thought it was a dumb picture.

Religion Edit

Since the 28th of september, 2016, YourBirthCertificate claimed he was the god of the banans. And declared the start of Bananism. He also started to attack people who were against this religion. He also stated that 'people who hate banan will get sent to the DEEP PEEL, the bananhell.'. Several people mocked Banan because of this.

Controversy Edit

Because of the similarities of the Bean and Banan, people theorized that Banan will be the second bean. YourBirthCertificate also requested Banan to become a channel meme, and a server emoji. The latter happened, when Siivagunner made the meme into a emoji.