Summary Edit

Bahamut,who also went as Pres. Woodman of mm2wood when the main channel was named "mm2wood" and as Woodman Clone Republic Pres. when the name was changed, was a user of the SiIvaGunner Discord. He mainly used the general chat.

Was a regular, which was pretty bad.

Personality Edit

Pretty socially awkward. Tries to be funny but usually isnt. Is more of a follower than a leader, copying other people in an effort to make someone laugh.

Trivia Edit

  • likes snail game that mitchell likes a lot
  • uses ecksdee all the time
  • listens to justice on a daily basis
  • thinks willie weasel is the best owner ever and is glad he is captain and king master universe
  • disliked pbshiver for some stupid reason, is nuetral about it now
  • got banned by some mod for singing a song about fapping. pretty stupid reason if you ask me.
  • favorite youtuber is amuno.