A list of things considered ""banned"" in the SiIvaGunner Discord

Literally Banned Edit

  • Being a dick
  • Lewd/NSFW
  • Excessive spamming in General (weasel pictures are approved)
  • non-op posting in op*
  • terrible terrio (he thinks h is funny)

*non-op posting in op will not get you banned, but rather give you the Unstylish role

Baned* Edit

  • Anime
  • Weebs
  • Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
  • Skadoosh
  • Low Quality
  • 101mariofreak
  • Speaking of the fallen one (bean)
  • Dead memes (triggering to most, say goodbye to harambe for the last time)
  • Snow halation
  • Undertale Rips
*Baned refers to items that are said to be banned but have not been mentioned in the rules nor has resulted in any bans of users Edit